The Philia Story

Philia (aka Dan Giffin) is a drummer and producer who originates from Ohio. Philia combines his Jazz roots with funky and melodic bass to create a truly unique and distinct sound.  


Philia has been known to take samples such as goats and vuvuzelas and morph them smoothly into songs as little “Easter Eggs”. 

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Dan moved from Ohio to NYC to study music technology, eventually becoming an Ableton Certified Trainer. Over the years he began teaching his skills to surrounding artists and eventually landed him opportunities in the studio and on stage with artists like Mac Miller, The Band Perry, etc. 

The Philia Live Band adds heavy hitting saxophone, keys, drums and DJing.

Philia is currently based out of Indianapolis, where Dan recruited some friends he met in the local jazz scene to form the Philia Live Band. The Live Band takes the crowd on a musical adventure with an unforgettable experience.

Philia (Ancient Greek: φιλία)

brotherly love; intimate friendship


A Long Long Time Ago...

Dan was 13 years old when his dad bought him a drum set, encouraging him to pursue music. Weeks later, his father unexpectedly died, fueling Dan's passion to become a musician and artist.


Growing up in a small town, Dan traveled out of state to jazz camps around the USA to further develop his skills, and eventually moved to New York to study at an underground music school where he was introduced to producing electronic music.


While in New York, Dan spent late nights networking with DJ's and producers at clubs, expanding his musical influences and further developing his creative genius.

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Dan began remixing songs while performing live drums on top of them, entering talent shows and winning several performance contests across the Midwest, USA. After struggling to pay the bills while doing music full-time in NYC, Dan moved to Indianapolis, IN where his family relocated. 


While working at a local donut shop to pay the bills, he began teaching music production and performance to other artists touring the Midwest, USA, building him a growing reputation in the music scene and eventually providing opportunities to collaborate with Mac Miller, The Band Perry, and other Grammy Artists.

While still working on his own music in the late evenings at home and teaching during the day, Dan started collaborating with local musicians in the jazz scene. Dan reached out to his longtime hometown friend on bass guitar, and a saxophonist he met at a local club. The three boys instantly vibed together while writing music and jamming, forming the Philia Live Band. 


Philia Live Band shows include jazzy bass-infused music, with blissful-uplifting vibes, creating a crowd-engaging and memorable experience.


The word "PHILIA" comes from the ancient Greek word "brotherly-love".

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