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Behind The Music - Capacity For Love

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Its been a weird world lately. With COVID and seeing a lot of injustice, I wanted to create a track that brings out all the different emotions we experience from love.

Regardless of your beliefs in science, creationism, or politics, I believe love is the universal thing that brings us together. It pulls us to see beyond ourselves. It’s unselfish, patient, kind, it doesn’t boast, it isn’t proud. It always hopes, protects, and perseveres. It never fails.

This past year I’ve been learning what it means to love myself. When I do it well, I find it much easier to love others.

There’s many things outside our control, but when I surrender these things to my higher power (aka God) I find a connected peace and hope that’s beyond my understanding. That’s what having faith, hope, and love is all about for me. When I don’t live in fear of the unknown and humble myself, it’s easier to find love.

This is what Capacity For Love is about. I hope you dig it and dance your ass off as much as I did while producing it. Much love! - Philia


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