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Behind The Music - Wiggles

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Artwork by Evan Paeth

My dog Sandy 'Wiggles' Giffin, was the best friend I ever had. When she passed away, I decided to dedicate a new song in memory of her, I think she'd be super proud of it...feel like this is my best music yet. Can't wait to share it with you!

I'll never forget the time Wiggles chased someone out of my house after they tried to break in and steal my music equipment, or her favorite spot to poop (on public school property where all the kids walked LOL), or the time she proudly carried a dead goose to my front porch which probably weighed 20 lbs as a gift for my birthday. These are only of the few moments that make having that furry companion become the most entertaining and greatest gift any dog-mom/ dad could ask for. It's what unconditional love looks like when no matter what you do, they wiggle their furry butts and kiss your face (and shed all over your carpet).


13 years ago, I adopted Sandy (Wiggles) from an animal shelter. She was rescued from the Hurricane Katrina storm that left thousands of dogs homeless in August, 2005.

It might sound weird, but Sandy was also my biggest supporter with music. She listened to me practice my (very) loud drums 24/7 while blasting music until 4am in college. She practically raised me. For this new Philia single, I wanted to get some of the best musicians I knew to throw down in memory of her. I hit up Zo (keys), Curtis (Saxophone) and Frank (Bass) to lay down parts, and I feel like we've all become friends through the process of this song. They're definitely some of the most talented people I've collabed with.

I worked nearly 10 months producing this song, re-recording and re-producing parts over and over and over until it sounded perfect. I also might have a major OCD problem....ha.

This song sounds like Wiggles. It's playful, uplifting, heartfelt, and good funky-jam vibes. I think she'd be proud of it.

The single will be released on August 1st, 2019!!! Can't wait to share it with you!

Celebrating my birthday with Wiggles

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