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New Single - FUNK IT UP

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Funk It Up - artwork by Evan Paeth

I received lots of amazing feedback releasing my newest single Funk It Up. Much love to all of you who shared, listened, and hit the "like" buttons on social.

I owe a lot of credit to two talented new friends that recorded on this track (more below). I'll be working with more jazz instrumentalists, infusing electronic dance music and releasing new singles every month in 2019.

Shout out to my good friend Evan for the amazing artwork. He's a boss. Follow him on Instagram here.

The Story Behind The Song

A few months ago I went to a show in Indianapolis and saw some dudes from the band MANSA play in a small art space called Healer. The saxophonist and keyboardist from MANSA were true badasses, and I instantly knew I needed to collab with them at my home studio on a track I already started producing.

When they came over, they nailed the song after recording 2 or 3 takes and made my job way too easy. Ha. It was good vibes in the studio, and I'm already working on future tracks with these new homies. The saxophonist (Curtis) will be playing several future Philia shows!

Also great news....for future shows, there will be a live Philia band, including myself on drums/ DJing, Curtis on saxophone, and my talented friend Frank on bass guitar. I for real couldn't be more excited performing with these cats. It's going to be an incredible live experience. Stay tuned for more and you can follow upcoming Philia shows on BandsInTown if you haven't already here.

I'll be releasing Funk It Up on Spotify on March 28th. It would be amazing if you pre-save it on Spotify, as this helps it improve in Spotify rankings when my song is released. Please do that HERE.

Much love everyone, and thank you for the continued support of Philia. I LOVE YOU ALL.

- Dan

Go check out my friends MANSA on their Facebook page.

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