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Behind The Lyrics - Over The Mountains

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Two years ago I traveled to Denver, CO to hang with friends. I had no idea while I was there I'd meet a super talented vocalist named Skai with an interesting life story, and we'd end up writing one of my favorite songs in only a few hours. We plugged in our friend's half broken microphone and music gear and started producing a chilled-out, heartfelt, wubby song on my laptop.

That song eventually led us to create the new Philia single Over The Mountains. Skai is by far one of my favorite artists I've worked with...anytime we record, she makes my job as a producer so easy.

She also has a real interesting story. Out of high school, she spent years without a home traveling the country busking music and selling her leather embroidery art. The lyrics for the new single Over The Mountains expresses the struggles she's been through the past few years. It's a song everyone can relate to in some way. At some point in life, we all experience hard stuff, some experiences are more impactful than others...but on the other side of these "mountains" (aka tough life situations) gives us new perspective to make us stronger.

I asked Skai to share her thoughts behind the lyrics. She wrote, "I was making major decisions in my life and trying to wrap my head around the next step in my journey.

I ended up talking a walk in Telluride that was right by where I was living, and started taking in the beautiful scenery with the mountains and started writing my thoughts. Toxic relationships, or moving to a new town, or dealing with physical or emotional pain, or just life in overwhelming, but you can’t let it break you down. Fall, but at least get back up or try and avoid reaching the bottom. Try and take whatever it is and fly with it and stay above it. And while you’re at it enjoy nature, because it can truly bring you back to who you are as an individual. Your roots. I am spoiled with the terrain where I live, but you can find beauty in nature everywhere, even in the smallest of things."

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