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"Sounds like if Griz was a regular at The Jazz Kitchen..."
From active flutes to funny song-titles to dogs with sunglasses, Dan Giffin has created a project that’s equal parts unique, fun, and unexpected. He started out as a session drummer, which would explain the heavy rhythmic background and exploratory horn sections that pop up throughout his discography. Think if Grizmatik pulled from years of jazz selections as well as funk, creative a bass-filled soundscape with a twist. “Funk It Up” is a song that’s exactly how it sounds, electronic funked up goodness. Right when you get comfortable with the groove, Philia tosses in a beautiful jazz-y piano solo, thick chords and running fingers that will stop you in your tracks. “Wiggles” is a certified bop, bringing wubby synth bass together with smooth sax. With all the variation, it would make sense that Dan has both lived in Indy and New York, working with groups ranging from The Band Perry to Machine Gun Kelly. It’s refreshing to see an artist sit comfortably in his style, and Philia is one of those examples. 

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Philia Releases New Jazzy Electronic Single

Dan Giffin has made quite a name for himself as a music producer and Ableton Live instructor. He has worked alongside Platinum & Grammy Award winning artists including Mac Miller, The Band Perry and Machine Gun Kelly, and is the host of the Ableton Music Producer Podcast. He started a solo project utilizing his jazz drumming background that lead him to invite some jazz-musician friends, Curtis Williams and Frank Stemen, to join in on. This collaboration evolved into PHILIA, who just released a brand new single called "Wiggles". You can hear it on tonight's Musical Family Tree Local Music Radio Show on WQRT 99.1, or on MFT's website. Wiggles was inspired by, and a tribute to, Dan's long-time canine friend Sandy (also known as "Wiggles") who passed away last year. You can read the full story behind the song here:


Check out Wiggles tonight on 99.1 WQRT or follow the link to MFT's PHILIA page:  

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